Linkup Network Is complete solution for your Business

Our story is pretty simple : we are here to make you happy. We do it with our great customer care, and excellent services. When you have Linkup, you have a friend in broadband, which means you have got the exceptional services that will keep you happy and satisfied. With Linkup, you can always expect to be treated without prejudice.

And as you will never be into a contract bond, you will always have the flexibility to change your package anytime, without any penalty. Linkup Networks offers the best value for your money. We deliver the highest quality services at the best prices and our customer care beats the competition hands-down, thus proving our service to be one of the best.

Linkup strives to link customers, so that they can enjoy the most at affordable and competitive prices. Our customers choose from a variety of money-saving packages and receive valuable discounts when combining multiple services. We also provide 24X7 professional service and support.

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Our Philosophy


To anticipate, understand and satisfy the telecommunications/information needs and wants of our customers. We will address these demands through our seamless network connectivity solutions at competitive rates.


To be India’s most preferred, high-performance network connectivity service provider of world-class standards.


Integrity : Described as trustworthy by others and known for being reliable.
Care : Sensitive to the needs and happiness of others.
Commitment : A passionate determination for achieving goals.
Accountability : Takes every task assigned to them personally, and ensures its completion.
Empowerment : Proactively provides support and helps employees understand the company’s vision and strategic plan.
Teamwork : A team player that sacrifices personal needs to help the team as a collective success.
Mutual Respect : Acknowledges and celebrates the knowledge and achievements of others and sensitive to other people’s rights, customs, and wishes.